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See the BMC BladeLogic Network Automation User Guide, Chapter 8, .. configuration restore and reboot, or manual back out procedure. 8 In the Job window. TrueSight Network Automation (formerly BladeLogic Network Automation) accelerates reliable network configuration Stop manual, device-by-device changes. BMC Network Automation is a web-based application that automates the configuration and compliance of network assets. Release notes and.

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Bmc Bladelogic Network Automation Pdf

BMC Network Automation is the industry-leading solution for automated management center. As part of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite, it provides a cross-platform solution for automating manual and error- prone activities.ยป. BMC SOLUTION. BladeLogic Network Automation closes the window of vulnerability with native, scanless detection of security risks in real-time, one- touch rule. Stop network outages by eliminating bad configuration changes. BMC BladeLogic Server Automation seamlessly enables enterprise-class provisioning deploys, configures, and troubleshoots Java EE applications without manual steps.

BMC produces software and services BMC Network Automation is a web-based application that automates the configuration and compliance of network assets. Release notes and Starting version 8. This space contains information about BMC Administrator Guide. Describes system files and scripts, database backup and restore procedures, device import formats from various. In addition to providing a wide range of built-in reports, BMC BMC Network Automation includes a database backup script when using the The port setting is made in the Global. Default global. This topic lists the default settings for the global. This file controls many of the basic characteristics of the BMC Network

Device42 Device42 is an impressive combination of infrastructure management modules. The tool includes IT asset management, IP address management, data center infrastructure management, and configuration management. If you operate a data center whether for in-house services or as an external provider, you should pay attention to this configuration management option.

The accompanying functions of this tool make it extremely interesting for data centers. The Device42 system is available for on premises installation or as a cloud-based service. An installation begins by logging an inventory of your equipment and backing up the configurations of each. The monitor sweeps the network continuously to look out for changes in the settings of your network devices.

10 Best Network Configuration Tools and Software

The tracker not only logs all device settings, it records the firmware versions of each. It also covers the operating systems of your servers and all of the applications and software loaded onto them. The Device42 facilities are all locked off by authentication procedures.

You can add new accounts for individual team members, so this tool would be great for middle-sized and large networks that are team-supported. Device42 is paid for by a subscription. There are three plan levels for the tool, and fortunately, the configuration management module is included in the Core plan, which is the cheapest version of the software. You can get a look at the system with a free online demo.

If you want to go ahead and buy the system, you get a day trial period, so you can back out in the first month and get all of your money back. The software can be installed on Windows, Mac OS and you can get it on Linux computers through a virtual environment. You can also integrate the service with Azure, and AWS online services.

Lan-Secure Configuration Center The Configuration Center from Lan-Secure has a no-frills interface, but it delivers a competent configuration management service. The tool has all of the essential capabilities that you need to control the settings of your network devices.

The Configuration Center will scan your system to register all of your network devices and then make backups of their settings. The network management software is able to manage a multi-vendor environment and will enable you to update the settings of all devices, specific device types, or individual devices.

The Configuration Center software will periodically check the settings of each device and compare them to the configuration backups it holds in storage. Depending on how you set up the system, the detection of an unauthorized configuration change will either prompt an alert or an automatic rollback to the approved settings held in the backup for that device. Alerts can be sent by email to a team member who has been allocated responsibility.

The tool can manage remote sites as well as the center where all of your configuration backups are stored. Inter-site communications are covered by SSH security.

10 Best Network Configuration Tools and Software

The software can be installed on Windows. You have to pay for the Configuration Center, but it is very reasonably-priced. You can get a day free trial of the system to assess it before you buy. The company offers a Configuration Management module which is available as an add-on to the core network monitoring package.

The WhatsUp Gold Total Plus package includes the Configuration Management add-on and also add-ons for network traffic analysis, application monitoring, and virtualization monitoring.

The WhatsUp Gold Configuration Management add-on gives you the capability to maintain the integrity of your network devices.

BMC Software

The initial operation of the manager is the collection of statistics in a discovery phase. This collates an inventory of all of your devices and catalogs the configuration of each. This information gets saved in a central store. Once you have all of that data logged, you can take a look at the status of the settings on each device and make sure that they are all up-to-code. The store enables you to copy the configuration from a retired device to a new one and you can also undo errors created during a configuration alteration exercise.

The manager will continue to compare the current configurations of your devices to its reference store, making it able to spot any unauthorized changes. Those changes can be reversed by restoring the official configuration profiles that are stored in the archive. The audit process is automated, as are the restoration procedures that need to be implemented once unauthorized configuration changes are spotted. You can roll out any official changes en mass, by device type, or individually.

The automated processes of WhatsUp Gold include barring users in the event of an unauthorized change. You can set up limited access to the Configuration Management tool, which requires user authentication, so you can limit its availability to just a few members of your sysadmin team.

The audit and security functions of the Configuration Management add-on enable you to implement, confirm, and report on compliance with network integrity standards.

These may apply to service contracts or form a requirement for a bidding process when you seek to win new clients.

10 Best Network Configuration Tools and Software

The Configuration Management add-on even includes a patch management function that will ensure all of your device firmware is kept up to the latest version. WhatsUp Gold primarily monitors the health of network devices and servers. WhatsUp Gold and its add-ons install on Windows Server environments. This solution is suitable for middle-sized and large networks.

Selecting a configuration management system You will find some very comprehensive systems in this list and some worthy contenders that cost little to no money. When you select a configuration management system for your network, you will need to consider the system requirements, particularly the operating systems that the software can run on in order to narrow down your choices. Guarantee compliance with best practices and regulatory standards.

Stop network outages by eliminating bad configuration changes. Extend change management initiatives to the network level. Improve network consistency and reduced risk Avoid network outages and bad configuration changes, and improve service delivery across your business. Consolidated provisioning Manage all your networks across all platforms.

Automated reports Improve data center operations, performance, and quality. Policy-based configuration Reduce service downtime and stop network outages. September During the first years of the new century, BMC spent heavily on research and product development.

K report filed with the SEC in However, the company lacked critical applications to help senior IT leadership execute on that vision. Subsequently, the lawsuit has disappeared. BMC is divided into two main business units: [35] A Mainframe Management segment [7] [61] focusing on reliability of "business critical data" and includes the BSM subgroup, "Service Optimization.

A June press release issued by the City of New York [63] credits the implementation of BMC's IT Service Management ITSM software and integration of automated monitoring tools "has produced dramatic improvements in interagency communication and streamlined City services with considerable cost avoidance.

This aids in faster issue recognition and resolution.

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