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    Comic Book Collection

    Comic book collecting is a hobby that treats comic books and related items as collectibles or artwork to be sought after and preserved. Though considerably. Comics are published with a sequential number. The first issue of a long-running comic book series is commonly the. If you own an old comic book collection, and want to know how to sell your comic books without getting ripped off, come to Sell My Comic Books. We'll appraise.

    The comic book came to light in the pop culture arena in the s due to the popularity of superhero characters Superman , Batman , and Captain Marvel. As comic books regained their popularity in the s during the boom of the Silver Age , fans organized comic book conventions , where they could meet to discuss their favorite comics with each other and eventually with the creators themselves. As of [update] , numerous conventions and festivals are held around the world, with Comic-Con International held annually in San Digo, being the largest and best-known convention in the United States. While some people collect comic books for personal interest in the medium or characters, others prefer to collect for profit. To assist both types of comic book collector, comic book price guides are available and provide estimates of comic book values as well as information on comic book creators and characters. The price guides assign values for comic books based on demand, availability, and the copy's condition. The longest running price guide is the annual Overstreet Price Guide , first published in Another current monthly price guide is Comics downloader's Guide. The growth of the Internet in the late s saw development of online databases to track creator, character appearances, and storylines, as well as websites combining comic book price guides with personalized collection tracking to provide collection values in real-time. The Grand Comics Database is a popular online resource for comic book creator and character information. Popular online price guide and collection tracking services include comicbookrealm. The increased popularity of online auctioning services like site or Heritage Auctions for downloading and selling comic books has greatly increased the visibility of actual comic book sale prices, leading to improved price guide accuracy, particularly for online price guides such as comicspriceguide. GPA only tracks sales of slabbed books, and therefore is not an accurate indicator of overall comic sales. In response to collectors' interest in preserving their collections, products designed for the protection and storage of comic books became available, including special bags; boxes; and acid-free "backing boards", designed to keep the comic book flat. History Origins Before the late s, virtually no specialized comic stores existed and the notion of comics as collectible art was in its infancy.

    Are you holding a rare gem in your collection that will bring top dollar? Have you been overvaluing a Spiderman issue that, in reality, has no value? Knowing what your comics are worth can be a tricky business. There are many things to consider and many different ideas of the actual value of a particular comic book. Here are the steps to take to determine which are the rare gems in your comic collection and which issues aren't high value.

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    The 'grade' of a comic is its condition. This is determined by many different factors. The inside of the comic is also very important.

    Is the color faded or yellowed? Look for any random scribbling or other marks. Also, try to determine if any pages have been torn out. Missing pieces can significantly reduce the value of a comic. Even if it's relatively worn, if it is rare, has the first appearance of a character, is very old, or is highly sought after, then it may still be worth a good deal of money.

    Comic book collecting - Wikipedia

    Once you know the condition of your comic, it may be time to check a price guide. Price guides will list the comic book name and its value based on the condition. Some price guides will give a price range for the comic. Others will give just one price. There are also online guides such as ComicsPriceGuide.

    While these guides are nice tools and will give you a general idea, their prices are just guidelines and are by no means set in stone. The ultimate test of a comic book's worth is how much someone is willing to pay for it.

    Largest collection of comic books

    Others will give just one price. There are also online guides such as ComicsPriceGuide. While these guides are nice tools and will give you a general idea, their prices are just guidelines and are by no means set in stone.

    The ultimate test of a comic book's worth is how much someone is willing to pay for it. Compare Comics Against Current Sales Knowing the price guide's value for a book does no good if there's no one willing to pay that kind of cash for it. A more realistic test for valuing a comic book is to look for what a similar issue it has sold for in the past.

    Auctions , such as site, are a great way to see how much people are willing to pay for a comic book. As with most collectibles, there are some auction websites that are better than others. You will even find a few auction sites dedicated to the comic book market. You may have an unusual or rare item on your hands that is currently not on the market.

    Simply use a search engine and type in the title of the comic book. Be Realistic About Pricing Comic Books The last thing to keep in mind is that you need to be realistic about your comic book value.

    How to Find Comic Book Values

    A comic book store will not pay you top value for a comic book. They need to make a profit.

    Try to set up a consignment instead of selling it to them outright. If you want to sell fast, set your sights lower. Trying to get top dollar for your comic is a great idea, but if it needs to go, then it needs to go. If you keep these things in mind when trying to determine your comic book's value, then you will be on the right track.

    Be patient when you're ready to sell and you should eventually be able to get what it is worth. Continue Reading.

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